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VISTA Technology Knowledge: Preload of Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing in Spindle Unit

Discuss the ideal value of bearing preload and how to realize it in structure after determining value.   Modern machine tools are increasingly developing …


VISTA Technology Knowledge: Assembly Technology of Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing

The measurement and assembly method of double row angular contact ball bearing is proposed.Abstract: according to the structure characteristics bearing, taking …


VISTA Technology Knowledge: Calculation of Dynamic Load Rating of Four Row Tapered Roller Bearings

There is a method for calculating the rated dynamic load of four row tapered roller bearing in China proposed.Abstract: referring to calculation Timken and other …


VISTA Technology knowledge: Installation and Maintenance of Four Row Tapered Roller Bearings

Problems of four row tapered roller bearings installed on work roll and intermediate rollAbstract: problems existing in the use roll, cause analysis effect after …


VISTA Technology Knowledge: Causes and Prevention of Premature Failure of Rolling Bearing

The failure causes of rolling bearings will be studied and corresponding solutions found to avoid premature of prolong the service life rolling …


VISTA Technology Knowledge: Analysis and Solutions of Bearing Heating in Hammer Crusher

To analyse and solve bearing heating in hammer crusherHammer crusher is mainly used to crush limestone and clinker matched …


VISTA Technology Knowledge: Cause Analysis of High Bearing Temperature of Grate Cooler Crusher

Cause of high temperature grate cooler crusher bearingOur 5000t / D production line is equipped with the fourth generation push rod cooler, model sfc4 × 5F. It has …


Vista technology knowledge: Matching Installation Technology of Single Row Tapered Roller Bearings--Gearbox Bearings

1. Single row tapered roller bearing back-to-back pairing structureThe back-to-back paired structure of single-row bearings not only has good rigidity, but also …


VISTA technology knowledge: Improvement of Sealing Form of Crusher Bearing

Our company has 2 PCH 1416 hammer crushers, which were installed and put into use in 1902. The diameter of the crusher rotor is 1410 mm, length 1600 speed 985 r/min. bearing needs to …


Application Knowledge of Bearings in Engineering Machinery

Engineering Bearing Technology knowlodge from VISTA BearingThere are many types and models of engineering  machinery equipment, the main are: forklifts, shovel …

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