Vista | High Quality Angular Contact Ball Bearing

VISTA is a leading global supplier of high quality ball and roller bearings. Angular contact bearings are one its products.  As a angular …


C&U Assists China Standard Subway Train Rollout

On June 28th, the first Chinese standard subway train made by CRRC Corporation Limited (CRRC) successfully rolled off in …


Vista News | Vista Quick Response - New Delivery to Europe and Africa in the end of June

Under the background of spreading current epidemic, import and export trade various countries is still facing many difficulties, especially in transportation. However, …


2021 Vista Spherical Roller Bearing Production Line Update

VISTA is a leading global supplier of high quality ball and roller bearings, among which spherical bearings are one the core products. The continuously strengthened …


Economic Daily Report | Big Powers Support China's Machine Beam

China has gone from only being able to manufacture a small number of simple products over 90% its equipment; incomparable with foreign countries the one place in world for many …


The Latest Research on the Sustainable Development of the Iron and Steel Industry

According to the world metal reports, recent steel industry carbon emission reduction technology innovation includes following aspects:1. Reducing blast …


The concept and application of high temperature bearing and low temperature bearing

For bearings, the first and foremost thing is the quality to withstand high temperatures. There are many kinds of temperature according to different needs …


China President Xi: we must boost manufacturing sector

Recently, China’s President Xi Jinping once again addressed the importance of the high quality development of manufacturing …


Wind power generation and bearing

Wind power generation is one of the most mature methods with development technology, scale and prospects in global renewable energy field. Under main theme green …


Electric car will be more popular soon and its critical component: bearings

"In the era of AI and software, no matter what high technology is used, it needs to be realized through mechanical devices, such as quality bearings parts, these …


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